The Ukki has the potential of becoming and staying a great resource, if it's maintained by users like you. If you see things that you could embellish or correct, please do so! It doesn't take long (especially to make minor edits of spelling or grammar), and users everywhere will benefit from your work.

New pagesEdit

If you're going to create a new page, please also feel free to do so. It will be helpful to users of the site if you can follow the examples set by existing pages regarding category usage, headings, naming conventions, etc. You can view an existing page's WikiText source by clicking on the "Edit" button.

To create a new page, you can do either of the following:

  • Create a link to it on an existing page. Add the following text:
[[My new link name]]
  • In the search box, type the name of your new page and click "Go." If an article doesn't exist, you can click on "create an article with this title." If you are creating a Tutorial, Resource, or Library, you'll want to use this method, and add one or more Category tags (see below).


If you would like to upload pictures or sound files, you are welcome to do so. Click on the Upload file link on the lefthand side of the screen. Make sure your file has a unique and descriptive name. Also, please attach a copyright tag to the file's description describing the license.

If you would like your resource listed on the Category:Resources page and/or one of the subcategory pages, you must add a Category tag. For example:

[[Category:Image Resources]]

If this is placed anywhere on your page, it will automatically generate a link back to the Image Resources category, and list itself there.


If you have multiple files to contribute that are dependent on one another, it would be best to upload them as a ZIP file. However, we cannot offer hosting of ZIP files here at Ukki. Ourmedia is a project in collaboration with The Internet Archive, and will host any type of user-created file (software, images, sounds, or video) for free, forever-ish.

Once you have your file hosted somewhere, you can put an external link to it in an article about your files/library. Here is an example of how to do an external link:

*My file: [ Alternate text]

This will display as:

Also, please put your library in the appropriate category(ies).