If you have never used widget_converter (written by Arlo Rose), this tutorial may help you know how to use this little powerful widget. You can download this useful widget converter. Although this tutorial may be very simple for you, but what we wish is that it can benefit others who still do not know about it.

Here is how the widget looks like :

File:Converter looks widgetConverter01.png

Next, you want to do conversion. just go to your desktop, or finder, or maybe explorer, drag a folder contains your widget or your .widget file. Drag it to the green screen of the widget. You should see the the screen light up.

File:Converter looks widgetConverter01.png
File:Converter light up widgetConverter02.png

It accept your zip and folder Edit

Next, since this converter widget accept folder or widget file. When you drop in your folder inside, the screen will show lighted up green screen with folder background, in the other hand if you drop in widget file, it will show a zip image background. See below image.

File:Converter folder widgetConverter03.png
File:Converter zip widgetConverter04.png

Start Converting Edit

start converting your stuff now, click on the convert button, you should see the screen blinking when the conversion process take place. When it finish you will get you widget file if you drop in a folder, and you get extracted folder if you drop in a widget file. When it finishs, it will alert you.

This widget is clever enough to detect some errors Edit

If you drop in non widget file, or a folder contains no .kon file, or else if you drop invalid compressed zip, it will show you an error like this.

File:Converter warning widgetConverter05.png

Do not worry, your input file or source file will not be deleted. And if there exist file or folder with the same name, this widget is quite good to name it follow by some index.

So happy converting, Save your day, get more focus on building your widget.