This is a tutorial for building a custom touch slider.

A little history Edit

I was trying to fall asleep for who knows how long, when I was struck with inspiration. I would write it down on a sheet of paper and then send it to YYY, who I had heard was looking for one. I had not tested it out when I sent it to him, and he was more then skeptical. I, being stubborn as I am, had decided I would test out the SHORT code and see if it would work. Lo and behold I was left with what you see below and a working custom slider.

Current version Edit


- Working on fine tuning the code so that it will remember the position of the last touch and make that the original position for a smoother scroll.

What you will need Edit

You will need two images:

  • Slider.png
  • Panel.png

The Panel will be the section moving opposite to the scroller (slider).

The code - straight up Edit

        panel.vOffset = slider.vOffset - system.event.vOffset

The reasoning Edit

First I establish the basics, the

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