A useful feature of Konfabulator's debug window is the ability to write the contents of an object to the Window. Typing the following command in the debug window enumerates every property and method of the specified object.

/dump obj

However, sometimes it is nice to be able to achieve the same effect through JavaScript; if for example you are debugging a Widget and you always want to see the contents of an object at a particular point, this function provides (nearly) the same functionality as the /dump command. The only difference is that where the /dump command writes the actual name of the object to the debug window, this function writes "object". One useful thing about it is that you can specify an optional second argument, includeFunctions (false by default). If you don't want functions to be shown (which you probably won't), just leave this argument out.

function dump (obj, includeFunctions) {
    for (key in obj) {
        var thisObj = obj[key];
        if (typeof(thisObj)') != 'function' || includeFunctions == true) {
            print('    object[' + a + ']: ' + thisObj));

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