Heads Up Display (HUD) is a feature of Yahoo! Widget Engine that allows all widgets to be quickly brought to the foreground. Heads Up Display was known as Konsposé when the product was called Konfabulator (before version 3.0).


There are two ways to activate Heads Up Display:

  1. Press the Heads Up Display Hot Key.
    The default setting for this is F8 - however, it can be changed by going into Konfabulator's preferences and setting a new hot key.
    Konfabulator Win Preferences

    The Konfabulator Preferences Dialog.

  2. Click the Yahoo! Widget Engine system tray/menu bar icon, and select the "Heads Up Display" option.

Heads Up Display onlyEdit

One of the unique features of Heads Up Display when compared to other widget engines is the "Heads Up Display Only" Level of Window. Setting a window's level to this value will cause it to only be visible when in Heads Up Display mode.

To set the Level of Window of a widget:

  1. Go into the widget's preferences.
  2. Click on the "Window" tab.
  3. Set the "Level of Window" to "Heads Up Display Only."
    Konfabulator Win Konsposé Only Setting

    The Konsposé Only Level of Window setting.

  4. Click on "Save."

Note that if you aren't currently in Heads Up Display mode, the widget will disappear. To show it, follow the steps above.