Overview Edit

Slider is a library designed to help widget designers to easily create sliders for their GUI or custom preferences panels. The slider behave almost like Konfabulator's native objects and its properties can be changes on-the-fly. It also have skinning capabilities (3 skins are currently included).

To use it, simply include the slider.js file and create a slider.

Here is a screenshot using the « Aqua Small » theme:

Download the test widget: slider.widget

Properties Edit

Property Description Default value
hOffset horizontal offset 0
vOffset vertical offset 0
width total width (without text area) 100
step incremental value 1
stick if true, the slider sticks to the step values. if false, it slides smoothly false
showValue if true, the current value is shown in the text area instead of the percentage false
unit unit to display in the text area when showValue is true ""
min min value 0
max max value 100
value current value (used to init the slider) To get the current value, using onMouseMove/onMouseUp is more elegant. 50
theme theme used by all the sliders "AquaLarge"
onMouseDown function called when the slider is clicked. The current value is passed as first argument. null
onMouseMove function called when the slider is moved. The current value is passed as first argument. null
onMouseUp function called when the slider is released. The current value is passed as first argument. null

Example Edit

Here is the code for the second slider of the screenshot :

var s2 = new slider(mainWindow);
s2.width = 100;
s2.hOffset = 20;
s2.vOffset =52;
s2.min = 800;
s2.max = 2000;
s2.value = 1600;
s2.showValue = 1;
s2.step = 200;
s2.unit = "円";
s2.theme = "AquaSmall";

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