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alignment Edit

alignment will control how the object is aligned, working together with hOffset. alignment also is a synonym of hAlign, so never use both.

Possible Values: Edit

  • left - hOffset will correspond to the left edge
  • right - hOffset will correspond to the right edge
  • center - hOffset will correspond to the middle

JavaScript: Edit

myObjectName.alignment = "center";

Example: Edit


see also hAlign

bgColor Edit

bgColor works with bgOpacity. The bg stands for background. color stands for color. The bgColor attribute works the same as the color attribute.

Possible Values: Edit

Browser style hex RGB triplets (ex: #000000)

bgOpacity Edit

bgOpacity works with bgColor. The bg stands for background. The opacity stands for opacity.

color Edit

color controls what color the text will be.

Possible values are: browser-style color objects (ex: #FFFFFF)

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editable Edit

font Edit

font works together with size and style. For all text objects (text, textarea, about-text).

hAlign Edit

hAlign will control how the object is aligned, working together with hOffset. hAlign also is a synonym of alignment, so never use both.

Possible values are:

  • left - hOffset correspond to the left edge
  • right - hOffset will correspond to the right edge
  • center - hOffset will correspond to the middle


myObjectName.hAlign = "center";



see also alignment

height Edit

The height attribute controls the vertical dimension of the box model, or how high it looks on the screen.

If Omitted: The height of the box defaults to a value of -1 and the box height is then automatically determined.


myObjectName.height = 30;




<height = "30" />

hOffset Edit

the horizontal offset of the object


myObjectName.hOffset = 44;



lines Edit

name Edit

The name is used to identify the object in JavaScript.

JavaScript: = "myObjectName";



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opacity Edit

opacity controls the opacity =)

It is a range from 0 to 255. 0 being invisible and 255 being completely opaque.

To hide an object, a common practice is to set its opacity to 0. But these days, the 'visible' property is the better thing to use, as you don't have to track the previous opacity to restore it later.

To hide an object but still interact with it, it's common practice to set its opacity to 1. See also: object tracking


myObjectName.opacity = 200;



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scrollbar Edit

size Edit

size controls the font size in the units of points. You can think of a point as being a pixel, but you'd be wrong. Close enough though.

Known Issues Edit

changing the size of a textarea object is not possible (Win. Konfab. v2.1.1 - solved by Y!W 3.0.2)

 mytextarea.size++; // no change!

style Edit

style works with font and size to control the basic look of a text element.

possible values : italic, bold, narrow, expanded, condensed, smallcap, poster, compressed, fixed

The font must support the style, otherwise it will be ignored.

To specify multiple styles, separate them with a semicolon. Check the examples.

JavaScript: = "italic;bold;narrow";



truncation Edit

tooltip Edit

tooltip is the text that appears when the mouse hovers over the parent object. You cannot control the appearance.

vAlign Edit

vAlign works similar to hAlign, and works with vOffset.

It can take on the values of: top, bottom, or center

vOffset Edit

vOffset controls the vertical placement. This works with vAlign and is related to hOffset.

value : integer (floating point just gets rounded)


myObjectName.vOffset = 100;



width Edit

width controls how wide the object appears to be. Related to height.

value : integer (floating point gets rounded)

window Edit

Most widgets only contain one window, however, after version 2.0, widgets could have multiple windows, and the window attribute specifies to which window the object belongs to. However, in version 2.1, a new syntax was introduced that makes this attribute obsolete.

zOrder Edit

Stacking order. Objects with lower zOrders appear below higher zOrders.

value : nonnegative integers

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