From the Konfabulator! thread The Three Word Game.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, was a toy, a mighty toy. A purple gorilla was eating a ton of grapes the color of a green giraffe with argyle spots wearing argyle socks, resetting all clocks with rakish grins, shaking his fins and emptying bins. "End of line," read the sign. "The end is not far behind the coming of the morning sun. Quick, turn off your electric shorts, lest you receive a terrifying fright. Fear not for the floor's rubber and the walls are also padded." I feel safe even though there's no peanut butter in my mother's cupboard. Fortunately, my dog had the hiccups and some chocolate easter bunnies. Flying buttered cat arrays fall in silence but never land in Pan's Neverland. Perry Porter ported fifteen Fortran functions to Konfabulator widgets with vines and bede bede bede. "Jesus is nigh," croaked the nightingale while waiting willingly upon yonder tree, watching a bee bumbling about a big blue baboon. "Lookit the sky," said the bee. Alas, the baboon tried to fly. It's dead now, as is my hope to get a guitar fret made of jello. It was mello. Watermelon man song, let's play pong, better ping pong. Baby turn around. Que Viva México!!! Happy Turkey Day! The end, the end... It's cold outside. The lion sleeps...

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