The Unofficial Konfabulator Wiki (Ukki) is an information source for Konfabulator, written collaboratively by users from all around the world. Ukki is a wiki, which means that anyone can edit articles simply by clicking on the edit this page link.

Mission StatementEdit

Ukki aims to be a community-driven resource for all end-user aspects of Konfabulator and Konfabulator widgets, including widget development and widget use. We hope to do this by providing Tutorials, reusable resources, a user-edited reference guide, and any other information that would prove useful to Konfabulator users.


Ukki began on October 4, 2005, at After several members of the Konfabulator Forums posted resources of their own, it dawned upon the contributors that schtuff did not adequately address some of the needs of Ukki.

Ukki 2.0 began only one week later on October 11, 2005, at its present location, hosted by Wikia.


Please visit the Contributing page for more detailed information about how you can help out the Ukki!

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