Konfabulator Win Window Preferences

Konfabulator Window Preferences.

Konfabulator's Window Preferences allow you to adjust how an individual Widget appears. To access it, open a Widget's preferences and click on the "Window" tab.

Level of WindowEdit

The Level of Window setting lets you choose where a Widget is placed in relation to other windows.

There are five options for Level of Window:

  • Floating - the Widget is above all other windows, and is also unclickable except in Konsposé mode.
    • To get out of Floating mode, activate Konsposé and right-click the Widget to access its preferences, or use the "Widget Preferences" menu by clicking on the system tray/menu bar icon.
  • Topmost - the Widget is above all windows. You can still click on it.
  • Normal - the Widget will act like a "normal" window. Activating other windows will bring them above the Widget.
  • Below - the Widget is around the same level as Desktop icons.
    • On Windows, the Widget is still above the icons, but it is below all other windows.
    • On Mac OS, the Widget is underneath the icons.
  • Konsposé Only - the Widget is only visible in Konsposé mode.

Lock Window PositionsEdit

Checking the Lock Window Positions box will change the default behavior of clicking on Widgets to move them. If this box is checked, you can only move the Widget when the preferences are open.


This slider sets the overall opacity (transparency) for the Widget. Setting the slider lower than 100% will make the widget more transparent. This setting only affects the visibility of the widget.